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This is not your Mama's Wedding Video!

You’ve seen it…the grainy (kind of boring) video of your parents’ wedding. Or, maybe it was another family member or friend and if you were old enough to have been there, you remember “Uncle Joe” or somebody else with a big, bulky video camera, holding it somewhat steady, in one spot, to catch the ceremony for all to remember. And 20 years ago, this was considered trendy, cutting edge, all the rage. And that’s ok, because that’s what was available technologically, at that time.

But WOW, have things changed! At Pickman Photography, we strongly encourage including video in your wedding package. The memory factor is still strong, but because of improved capture systems and equipment and new approaches to how video is shot, your wedding video will be fun, entertaining, and something that people will ask YOU if they can see.

If you select a package that includes video, there will be one still photographer, one videographer and a third person assisting, capturing additional photographs and video footage. Pickman Photography also uses a drone to capture overhead shots if desired. The video footage is then edited and set to music creating a unique and beautiful story of your special day.

Blake Watowa is the main videographer for Pickman Photography. For eight years he has enjoyed capturing once in a lifetime moments for brides and grooms. He is a huge advocate of the wedding video, looking ahead to creating a living heirloom for your children and grandchildren. Blake says, “Video captures the rawness of the day, whether it be the shedding of a tear or a heartfelt laugh. It is especially important because it enables you to physically relive a moment in time that will never happen again.”

Here is a link to some videos of our recent wedding couples:

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